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Five Crossfit Moves That Directly Translate to Swimming

By Loretta Rice, SwimSwam, 03/14/19, 12:00PM CDT


From this squat position, the athlete powers his/her way up to a standing position, while simultaneously ‘thrusting’ the barbell over head. 

As a refresher, I’m a Masters swimmer who added CrossFit to her weekly workout routine several months ago. I’ve already written about how the 2 sports’ training regimens and competition meets are more closely related than one might think. As the mix of sweat, chlorine and chalk continues, I feel I’m continuing to gain a better grasp on how these two sports’ paths are intertwining.

I can see how things I’m doing in ‘the box’ are impacting what I’m doing in the water, at least cognitively. Even if certain movements don’t directly equate to a specific swimming move, my body awareness and mental focus when doing a movement has aligned the two sports beneficially for me thus far.