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Online billing software helps reduce club treasurer’s workload by 20 hours every month

By TeamUnify, 06/06/19, 4:00PM CDT


TeamUnify has helped reduce the treasurer’s workload by 20 hours per month.


Name: David Ridler

Organization: Perth City Swim Club

Position: Treasurer

With more than £100,000 in yearly revenue, Perth City Swim Club needed a trusted solution—and a trusted person—to handle their financials.


What they were up against

Perth City Swim Club found themselves in a bind. They had great revenue numbers but lacked online financial software technology. After watching their treasurer resign because of a heavy workload, they knew it was time to move away from Excel record keeping and paper bank statements for the sake of their new treasurer, David Ridler.


What TeamUnify did to help

Perth City Swim Club chose our TeamUnify software to simplify their payment collection process by moving everything online, as well as enhance club communications with a new website and mobile app.


What the impact was

David Ridler’s background as a Chartered Accountant allowed him to see that Perth City Swim Club’s current payment collection process and record keeping wouldn’t be sustainable.


“There was just an Excel document keeping track of everything. With my background and skills I offered to take the role but only if I could implement necessary changes,” David explains. “We immediately opened an online banking account and implemented a financial software package to work alongside TeamUnify.  Now, the reconciliation process takes minutes, instead of days.”


“Things are so much easier now,'' says David.


“Last year, our treasurer would routinely receive pages and pages of paper bank statements on a Friday afternoon, and then work all Sunday to reconcile them,” says David. “During our first membership renewal with TeamUnify we had almost all payments completed on the first of the month.”


“TeamUnify has helped, with the other changes, to reduce the treasurer workload by 20 hours per month,” David says.

We are a pretty sizable club,” says David. “Our revenues, which are made up of monthly training fees, membership dues, gala entries and fundraising, are north of £100,000 for the year. Before TeamUnify, the club struggled to ensure all dues were collected, because everything was recorded independently. Now, everything is online and connected to cards or bank accounts. TeamUnify has made things incredibly easy.

TeamUnify has made things easier for others in the club, too.


“The updated website has been great, too,” says David. “Prior to the migration, all changes had to go through one person, and it was very slow. Now, we can give access to a handful of committee members, and making changes is simple.” David continues, “The TeamFeed allows our coaches and committee members to communicate from the palm of their hands, allowing them to quickly send direct messages to the right groups, as well.”


“On top of having 120 members, we also have about 100 volunteers.” David continues, “Many of us volunteers are parents of swimmers in the club, and we love the simplicity of the mobile app. They can see notifications, billing charges, and more. It’s very hands off.”


“TeamUnify has made life so much easier, and it allows us to spend more time on our athletes, and less time on the administrative tasks,” David summarizes.

About Perth City Swim Club

Perth City Swim Club’s origins began in 1890 in its previous incarnation of Pullar’s Amateur Swimming Club. The present club was founded in 1988 when it moved to the new pool, and is affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association through SASA Midland District, which comprises clubs in Perth and Kinross, Angus, and Dundee. Perth City is a competitive swimming club, and members compete from local to international level under the Club banner.

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