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Advanced Level Swimming Workout

By CoachUp Nation, 10/18/19, 8:45AM PDT


Training as a swimmer means being comfortable with all the major strokes, so don't just use the ones you like the most. Come race time, you'll be happy you took the time and effort to work on your game.

Advanced Level Swimming Workout

Warning! Warning! This swimming workout is not for the faint of heart, but if you're looking for an intense workout that will push your body to its absolute limits, search no further. Generally speaking, this is a CoachUp cultivated tip guide to a workout that will test your skills, endurance, and desires. In fact, some of swimming's most advanced athletes love going under this microscope. Typically, you'll be able to see instant feedback during a workout like this, because it'll be painfully obvious where you lack -- so get out there and start learning!