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6 Best Practices with Your next Online Registration

By Andrew Herr, 01/31/17, 12:00PM CST


TeamUnify knows how important your registration is to your team's success. If you haven't had time to look into this year's upcoming registration, it may be time to begin.

Let's walk through six useful tips and tricks to make your next registration more successful than ever before.


1. Use Account and Member Messaging to Personalize Your Team or Event Registration


Custom Messaging in Online Registration is one of the great features you will find in the online registration process. After you have set up your registration details and fees you will find a new tab allowing you to use a content editor to add a personal message to both the Account and/or the Member registration pages.

With this tool, you can add a personal message to parents, give team updates and changes, even add additional instructions or team photos to give your registration that personal touch that families love to see.

You can learn more on how to add custom messaging to your next registration in TU University.


2. Require a Credit Card with Your Registration to Simplify Payment Collection

One of the biggest challenges we encounter in working with teams around the world is collecting team dues and fees. Do you want to ensure that the right amount of money ends up in your team's bank account on time? If so, then it is probably time to use credit card processing to collect your team's registration fees and team dues.

TeamUnify payment processing integrates directly into your team's site, is PCI Compliant and is very affordable. Also, remember if you use TeamUnify payment processing, TUPayments, your per registration fees are waived. Click here if you would like to learn more about this option. 

If you already use the TUPayments system, you can also require families to save a credit card on file with the team, so that when monthly dues and meet fees come up you can automate your billing process. Don't worry, you never have access to card numbers and neither do we. With an extremely high level of credit card security, we will ensure that you and your parents' information is always protected.

For teams who already use payment processing within the TeamUnify system, your accounts will now find the ability to pay for registration with a card that is previously on file within their account. Drastically simplifying the checkout process.

The other addition is the ability to house multiple cards on file. Once an account has registered they can now place multiple forms of payment on file. That being an ACH (Bank Account) or multiple Credit Cards and designate what payment form to be used for ondemand payments, recurring billing/dues, and lessons payments.

In order to optimize this new payment manager feature and reduce your account receivables we suggest that you set your registration to limit payment to credit card only and then require payment information to be saved for future Autopay use. Setting up your registration with these parameters allows you to capture up-to-date and viable payment information at the beginning of the season.

Team's who use the TUPayments system have seen a huge reduction in time spent on billing and collections with both registrations and monthly billing. 


3. Use Balance Forwarding to Automatically Charge Outstanding Debits or Apply Credits

It's easy to collect your team's outstanding debits using a TeamUnify Online Registration. Before an athlete or family is approved for a year or even pays for the season, you can include any residual team debits and credits from the previous season to their registration check out.

Within your registration setup, simply select the Connect Outstanding Balance fields then choose your settings. It really is that simple—any residual balances will then be applied based on your settings. Learn more about connecting outstanding balancesin TU University!


4. Create a Command Button for Your Registration on Your Home Page

Personalizing your registration can allow you to drive and direct more traffic to your next registration. One easy way to do this is to turn a command button on your home page into a registration button. 

To do this, login to your team site. Navigate to Team Admin > Website Design > Website Layout Configuration. Then scroll down to the Command Button Controls and change one of your Command Buttons to "Online Registration," define your command text then Save Changes.

This is a very easy way to make it easier than ever for your families to find your team registration.


5. Collect Swimmer ID Information with Your Registration

Most often used by year round clubs, you may know how easy it is to submit USA Swimming registration information within SwimOffice, but are you collecting USA Swimming registration information on a paper form or in a registration packet?

This SwimOffice feature saves you a bunch of time when registering USA Swimming swimmers, but if you are not collecting all the information with your registration, you will submit an incomplete file to your LSC. With TeamUnify's Online Registration system you can easily gather USA Swimming registration information to complete those files.

No more tracking down information last minute before submitting your USA Swimming packets. Check out our blog on capturing USA Swimming information at registration.


6. Create an Event Registration for Clinics, Banquets, Gear Sales, and more!

Team registrations are very important for your team. But sometimes you are looking to gather extra information or sign ups in conjunction with your team registration. Things like registering for a team retreat or trip, swim suits, team fun nights, team banquets and even extra gear sales.

If you haven't ever tried it, using an event registration is a really powerful way to capture team information and payment for the amazing things your swim team does throughout the year. If you need help setting up an event registration visit our knowledge base to learn more!


If you are not yet using the Online Registration system within your TeamUnify software suite send us an email to and your team's Customer Success Representative will help you to get more information on this great team resource.


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