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TU Testimonials: Now, I Only Spend About 1 Hour Per Month on Billing

By Dan Drum, 10/28/16, 9:15PM CDT


The billing system with payment processing continued to be a tremendous time saver for us since that summer and has continued to scale with us. Last winter we grew to 91 swimmers.

A Little History on the Stingrays

When I took over the team in April 2015, I quickly realized I had to go back to September of 2014 and bill all of the meet fees for the entire '14-'15 short course season. Nothing had been collected. We had to bill over $8,000.00 in outstanding fees to our members and of that we had to write off about $900.00 as bad debt from accounts that were no longer a part of the club or unable to pay. Nothing was recorded and I had no aging report to base these charges off of. Things were a mess.


A Fresh Start

I finally started fresh in the Summer, long course, season of 2015. I started billing manually using the TeamUnify billing system and realized it took approximately 25 hours a month between email communication and phone calls to collect our meet fees. 

Fortunately, TeamUnify sent us info on TUPayments and I immediately got in touch with the president of the club and told him to please let us try it. That summer we started with 31 swimmers and, after lots of work, we ended summer with 60 swimmers in our club.

The billing system with payment processing continued to be a tremendous time saver for us since that summer and has continued to scale with us. Last winter we grew to 91 swimmers. 


In the End

Today we are at 108 swimmers! The best part, I only spend about 1 hour per month on billing and I actually have an aging report and it is completely under control. That includes emailing about a dozen families who still opt to pay by check. It is so nice to watch fees withdraw automatically on the first of the month and see the meet fee balances disappear. It is so worth the cost!


The Cost to Our Team

It is very easy to set this up, we really didn't have to do a thing. The average fees per family are approximately $1.25 - $1.50 per meet. A great part of the system is that we can pass the fees on to our families; this way the team does not absorb that charge. Other than that, we only see a small usage charge per month for the service. It is such a great deal! I can't believe everyone hasn't signed up.


Piece of Mind

Once in awhile a credit card fails, mostly because parents canceled or received a new card number, but luckily the account and team administrators receive notifications when a card fails. This notification, along with a TeamUnify report, help us to then contact families to go in manually to update their account information. I couldn't imagine trying to track that on my own.Rays.png


-Carol MacDougall
Rockingham Area Youth Swim Team
New Hampshire

Rockingham Area Youth Swim Team | New Hampshire

The Stingrays have been a TeamUnify team since 2014 and started using payment processing at the start of Summer, 2015.

Rockingham Area Youth Swim Team is a year round competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. Their philosophy is that hard work and good sportsmanship is essential for great things to happen. Swimmers, coaches and families must work hard to bond as a team. Their mission is to foster a genuine team environment by encouraging each student-athlete to realize their full potential both in and out of the pool.


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