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Working Hard to Help Our Customers Succeed!

By Tim LaRoche, 04/17/17, 9:00AM CDT


TeamUnify specializes in swim team management, but we have everything from wrestling and water polo, to sailing and gymnastics teams using our software to manage their team management and billing.

I wanted to take a moment out of your busy day to sing the praises of one of your team members, Amanda Studdard.  Last week I had the absolute pleasure of working with Amanda to set up registration and billing on our site.   

Let me begin by saying, Amanda should be the standard to which you hold all of your Customer Success Representatives to. Over the last week, she has spent way too many hours on the phone (and via email) with me walking through each and every step of setting up our online registration and billing system on our site. Not only did she make a process that would have been rather complicated (in my opinion) completely manageable, she went way above and beyond to help me customize some of the standard instructions and language to be more in line for our youth sailing program vs. a swim team.  

Along with her help to set up our site, Amanda's patience, explanations, and willingness to assist me in any way she could was nothing less than outstanding!  There wasn't a question I could ask, a request to provide more details, to what probably seemed like endless interruptions, and she handled all of it like a real pro!  I've worked with other technology customer success representatives in the past and I can honestly say I have never encountered anyone that worked as hard for a customer and made the entire experience as pleasant as she did. Often times managers hear more about areas that need improvement, or challenges that are being faced by their customers and not enough about the amazing work that is being done, day in and day out, by their team members.  As a result of that, I wanted to acknowledge and recognize Amanda as an outstanding member of your team.  

Much to Amanda's dismay, I am certain she and I will chat again as we become more active with our VBC Sailing Program site. I look forward to continuing to work with her and am certain she will continue to provide superb customer support and guidance! 

Best Regards,

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- Team Administrator
Vermilion Boat Club - Youth Sailing Programs

Vermillion Boat Club

The mission of the VBC Sailing Program is to deliver training designed to educate youth sailors to skillfully and safely operate small sailboats, develop a strong personal foundation for the sport of sailing, boating safety, and to anchor our club's future in the sport.


The VBC Sailing Program has been using the TeamUnify platform since May, 2015 and has 70 active members. If you would like to learn more about the TeamUnify system and how our customer success team can help your team run more efficiently, click the link below. TeamUnify specializes in swim team management, but we have everything from wrestling and water polo, to sailing and gymnastics teams using our software to manage their team management and billing.

We want to thank Amanda for all of her hard work and dedication to her customers. We are honored to have you on our crew and working with all of our team administrators and coaches. Thank you Amanda!


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