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TeamUnify Helped Us Tremendously!

By TeamUnify, 04/30/15, 10:15AM CDT


With SMS text message alerts, pool staff can communicate informational updates in seconds, such as pool closures due to weather, keeping our accounts informed real-time.

When we signed up for TeamUnify we wanted a software that would help manage our swim team, but we didn’t realize it would also help us to manage the entire Heritage Hills Recreation Club dues membership. The system allows us to manage our swim team online, includes Touchpad software for managing swim meets, the ability to accept credit cards and register accounts online, and an easy way to communicate with subsets of club members/swim team via email or SMS texting. When we decided to use TeamUnify to manage our club membership, it opened up a wealth of possibilities. 


With TeamUnify, new Club Members don’t have to sign up the old school way, by filling out paper forms. We are now able to manage the entire club membership inside of SwimOffice, with waivers that allow us to require agreement with important policies that are a part of our club handbook. We can now easily communicate with anyone with a balance and send to them their billing summary every month.

With this proactive approach, we avoid a lot of the questions/communication asking “What do I owe?”.  Most importantly, we avoid time sorting out balances and memberships at the front desk - reducing resources it takes to manage bookkeeping and membership issues. We can now bill for club membership and swim team and set up event registrations, manage social functions and run events for our entire club.


Using Online Registration, Accounts pay past balances and credits when signing up for their yearly due renewals. Once logins are created, Accounts can see and pay on-demand their balance or receive credits due, keeping account balances up to date without reaching out manually.

With the ability to have online guest pass charges within the dues registration, we reduce the front desk purchases.  And, when members do purchase passes at the front desk, we simply turn the computer around, have members login to their account and pay right there using the saved CC number from registration.

It is tremendously satisfying to know that we are taking care of dues and credits year-round. The billing system takes previous past dues and credits into account and charges the balance, keeping accounts up to date and paid in full.

The communication software with TeamUnify is a big deal. Great for our swim team, but better for the club. With SMS text message alerts, pool staff can communicate informational updates in seconds, such as pool closures due to weather, keeping our accounts informed real-time. 

With TeamUnify our paid staff, board members, and volunteers have cut down on the time it takes to deal with billing and paperwork and are getting more done.

And we know that TeamUnify is working regularly to improve upon what we have done, so the future is always going to be better!

TeamUnify has helped us tremendously!


-Todd Pfeiffer

Heritage Hills Recreation Club

Heritage Hills Recreation Club | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The Heritage Hills Recreation Club provides a range of outdoor activities for people of all ages. They also host the Hurricanes Swim Team that has been part of the Chapel Hill Summer Swim League since the 1970's. The Heritage Hills Recreation Club has been a TeamUnify team since February, 2014.


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