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TU Testimonial: The News Is Out - OnDeck Helps Navigate The Way

By Andrew Herr, 03/23/15, 8:15PM CDT


I can see myself sitting with other parents in the stands this winter, showing them the News from OnDeck

We went live last night to all our families. I love a good iPhone App that isn't cluttered with ads – thank you for making the interface clean and ad-free!   


  • The News feature is a big deal. As I'm the volunteer Mom who transitioned the website, I know how important the News feature is going to be for parents. Love that OnDeck will take you straight to theNews scroll and great that you can click into the (news) item for details.
  • Our Head Coach loves it too. It's often the simple things that become the most trusted and relied upon. I can see myself sitting with other parents in the stands this winter, showing them the News fromOnDeck…..and once they can navigate their way there, the rest is an easy transition.
  • The Meet Results (area) is great too, especially being able to dig deeper into events by stroke and distance. Love that you can see the relative performance of your child versus their teammates. What's particularly great aboutOnDeck is having instant access to this information without having to be in front of a computer. Busy families have swimming conversations at very different times throughout the day. Sometimes these conversations happen on the family couch, the kitchen, or often in motel rooms on the road. OnDeck will help families keep engaged with their swimmers' performance and progress, and will enable families to share this information with other family members (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc).
  • For the ultimate clock-watching parent, the Stop Watch is the best. I'm sure it keeps much better time than all its imitators, and it's nice and big – I can read it without having to dig for my glasses and fiddle with small control buttons. Thank you!






-Sharon Rego 
Volunteer Webmaster

About the Orangeville Otters | Ontario, Canada

The Orangeville Otters swim club has 120+ active members and they run a Competitive swim program, Swimming Skills classes, and a Masters swim program. The Orangeville Otters Swim Club is a registered member of Swim Ontario which is the non-profit sports governing body responsible for the organization of amateur swimming in Ontario, Canada.  Before using TeamUnify, they were using a basic HTML website with other systems for membership management, attendance, news, and billing management. The Otters launched their TeamUnify site in December, 2014. 


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