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Never Miss a Beat with Your TeamUnify Customer Success Representative

By Dan Drum, 06/24/15, 9:15PM CDT


Online Registration setup in less than 30 minutes without missing a beat.

It had been a good week, busy and productive. It was Friday and about an hour until the work day ended. As always, Friday afternoon I hear Derek, one of our team representatives, closing the day strong. Sure enough he comes over to my desk asking if I have enough time for one last setup. "So, I've got a new team that needs to open up a registration tomorrow..." I am always ready for a little challenge so I jump on the phone right away. No answer, left message. Call again, same result, call again, same thing. I give that look to Derek saying...I tried. Checked the time again and I have about 30 minutes until the teamlogo_5471_1389116957323day ends... when the call comes in. It's Sherie MacGregor with Diablo Aquatics and she starts off with, "This will be a fun one for you. I'm at the Bottle Rock concert in Napa," hence the reason she couldn't hear my calls.

I've had calls with bad reception, kids in the background screaming at the pool, clinking pots and pans from the kitchen, but typically not a full blown concert playing in the background.

With Sherie's daughter in the background saying it's probably not appropriate for her to jump in the mosh pit because she has sandals on, we started to setup her new team Online Registration. Registration Open Dates: Now, Emergency Info: Required, Daily Notification: Yes, Make those waivers Required, lastly 3 groups to register for and a 20% discount if you are a member save...wait for it....DONE!

If you ever run into Sherie, you can ask her yourself how quick it was setup, but let's just say I got home to my family and Sherie got back to rocking out with her daughter without missing a step. As I walked out the door I got a quick email back from her...

You and your TU team are the best! Have a great weekend!



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Online Registration setup in less than 30 minutes without missing a beat.


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