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TU Testimonial: I Was a Bit of a Skeptic...Now I See The Advantages

By Tim LaRoche, 06/21/16, 9:45PM CDT


I'm very impressed with the program and personal care that MainSet puts into their product.


I was a bit of skeptic when we first signed up for MainSet. I liked the whole idea, but I'm really a pen and paper kind of person. I like the scribbling part of figuring out a workout and found putting my workout into MainSet an extra step that I didn't always have time for. 

I REALLY appreciated the follow up phone call from Kory (Customer Success Representative) a couple of weeks ago. It was very informative and put me back on to using the program. In using it, I saw all kinds of advantages that I hadn't really grasped before. Kory was very professional and when I had questions she couldn't answer, she got back to me with the answers. 

I also appreciated that she gave me homework and had a follow up phone call set for two weeks from our initial meeting. This forced me to use the program, have it become more a part of my routine and come up with questions for the follow up. I'm very impressed with the program and personal care that MainSet puts into their product. Thank you! Sincerely,

-Tina Hoeben
KISU Swim Club

KISU Swim Club | Penticton, BC Canada

KISU Swim Club is a year round competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. KISU was founded in the fall of 1981, as a competitive swim club, at the same time that the new indoor pool in Penticton opened. The first coach, Debbie Millar, and 25 members began what has become one of the most respected swim clubs in the Okanagan.


KISU Swim Club has been a part of the TeamUnify team since 2012 and has 200 active team members. Since the team adopted MainSet, in less than a month they have written 25 workouts, 117 sets, and recorded 30 videos. As a team, they have written a total of 117,166 yards in MainSet!


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