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4 Fundraising Tips That Will Help Your Team's Bank Account Burst!

By Tom Fristoe, 04/03/15, 9:45PM CDT


Online fundraising with TeamUnify will generate significant revenue for your team, in a very short period of time. Since the introduction of TUMoney in 2013, TeamUnify teams have raised an astonishing $15.125 Million.

Traditionally one of the hardest roadblocks with fundraising is reaching out beyond your team's normal donation circle. The TUMoney platform enables swim teams and participants to reach potential donors at a significantly larger scale.


The traditional fundraising methods of going door-to-door, writing letters, and making phone calls become much less impactful. With this larger outreach, your team will collect FAR more donations in FAR less time!

Online fundraising with TeamUnify will generate significant revenue for your team, in a very short period of time. Since the introduction of TUMoney in 2013, TeamUnify teams have raised an astonishing $15.125 Million. TUMoney, married with the ability for donors to give online, has increased the average donation to $76 per donor! These tools are steamlining the donation path, allowing teams to surpass previous fundraising performance with FAR less effort. 

Communicate Across the Globe with Email 

  • The TeamUnify platform allows not only Superusers and Admins, but Parents and Athletes to email contacts and relatives in a few simple clicks.
  • Email is an easy way to connect with people you have not talked to in ages. TeamUnify teams have received donations from individuals they haven’t talked to in 10+ years!
  • Immediate online donations avoid donation fall out. Email links and the TUMoney platform decrease the risk of promised donations never being collected.


2. Leverage Social Media - The impact is HUGE!


3. Utilize Online Credit Card Processing to Grow Donations 

  • Take a step towards making cash collection even easier and add Credit Card Processing.
  • You will see larger donations via credit card than cash/check by 50%+. No more $10-$25 dollar donations. TUMoney’s average online donation is $76.
  • This provides fast access to donated funds within 24 - 48 hours after the transaction occurs.
  • Access simple and effective reporting, getting your results posted faster than ever to stay on top of the donation circle. 


4. Share Your Results

  • Post a Blog or News Article on your success with pictures of the event, the swimmers, and the team.
  • Let donors feel like they are a part of the event and share your results and your success. Use those great social and e-mail channels to follow up with donors on your teams success. 
  • When donors feel like they have contributed to a growing and professional program they will come back year after year!


The Proof is Online!

Since TeamUnify Teams have started using the TUMoney fundraising system, literally millions of dollars have been raised. Increased participation has been seen across the board by with 35+% higher member participation when hosting an Online Swim-A-Thon. If you don't use TUMoney already, let TeamUnify help with your next fundraiser, we'll make it fun and easy. We've already helped thousands of teams, just like yours, fundraise with ease. Your team's bank account will never be happier! 


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