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Five Things Your Next Team Registration May Be Missing

By Andrew Herr, 06/30/16, 8:45PM CDT


Your TeamUnify registration allows for teams to add their own custom messaging in both the Account Setup page of registration and the Member section.

TeamUnify's online registration is one of the best ways to generate revenue, increase membership, and best of all streamline your team sign ups. Doesn't it sound great to never again hand enter swimmer packets at the beginning of the season?


Parents enter their contact information, create their own accounts, enter their swimmer's information, sign up for roster groups, and even sign release forms, all from their home computers. After you set it up, just sit back, relax, and watch the registrations pour into the management portal. With over 2 million total registrations processed on the TeamUnify system, it is the most trusted registration process in the swim industry. Simple right?


Yes, it's simple and there is so much more power in the TU Online Registration system that you may be missing out on. Take a look at these six ways you can enhance your registration using the preexisting registration system.


1. Capturing USA Swimming Registration Information

TeamUnify has made it easier than ever to capture this information with your next registration. When setting up registration groups in the Registration Group Setup tab in Registration Admin, click the roster group that needs to enter USA Swimming information and set USA Registration Required to Yes.


Once team registration is completed you can now generate registration packets within your team's Account/Member Admin!

Check this knowledge base article to learn more.


2. Requiring a Payment Type to be on File

The TeamUnify billing system with credit card processing can really help to keep all accounts up to date and paid in full. If you really want to optimize your billing system, we have a powerful way built into the registration system. This allows you to require accounts to pay with a credit card and then requires them to save their CC on file with the team.


This is such an easy way to maximize your billing effort. A card on file means that you, as the administrator, can automatically collect families' outstanding balances using the TeamUnify billing system, even while you are sleeping. Also with a card on file, at any moment you can charge on demand payments in a few simple clicks either online or on-the-go with the OnDeckapplication. Start the season off right and require credit cards to be on file to achieve billing bliss next season.


3. Collecting Outstanding Balances or Applying Credits

Do you have parents who always seem to leave an outstanding balance on their account at the end of the year? Do you reward parents with a credit for extra volunteer hours?


If you do, then take advantage of the Connect Outstanding Balance segment of your next Online Registration. Simply select between the options to connect outstanding billing balances, yes or no, and then if yes, select if you want to allow for credit balances to be applied.


Simple, easy, and effective to collect the outstanding money your team needs to run cash flow positive. This, connected with requiring payment via Credit Card processing at checkout, can really get your team's finances balanced for the new season.

Visit TU University to learn more!


4. Posting Custom Messaging or Instructions

Every team has independent needs for their team and for their registration. Your TeamUnify registration allows for teams to add their own custom messaging in both the Account Setup page of registration and the Member section.


With this feature, you can help guide your families to fill out the right information, sign their athletes up for the right roster groups and even add in some inspirational quotes or fun team facts. Customizing your registration means your members can get a feel for your team as well as feeling guided through the entire process.

Click here learn more in our knowledge base about custom messaging.


5. Customizing Your Registration Button or Hiding It

To finish the customization theme of this blog, a brand new way to customize your registration sign up is to change the wording of your team's registration button. New in Registration Admin is the ability to change the wording of your start registration button or even hide it from the sidebar.


Customizing your button name can help to draw in new members or you may not want anyone to be able to sign up so you hide the button and send them a link to your registration in an email. Some teams even hide the registration button in favor of using one of the command buttons on the home page instead.

Click here to learn more about this new feature.


The Results

Teams who take the time to really dive into their registrations are finding financial success in drawing in new members as well as getting their team finances up-to-date. With a growing membership base, on-time payments, and up-to-date registration information, administrators are saving huge amounts of time and the stress of registration disappears.


If you are interested in learning more about the TeamUnify Online Registration system, please email and we will contact you with more information.


If you want to learn how to use the online registration system please click the link to visit TU University to learn how to setup and customize your next registration.


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