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TU Testimonial: With SwimOffice Pro Creating a Workout is Easy, Seriously Easy!

By Andrew Herr, 03/01/16, 9:45PM CST


It is exciting to see swimmer progression as well as distances/ strokes/ workouts to improve upon.

I have been using the coaching tools within SwimOffice Pro since its release and I am amazed of all the great things I can do. I love the ability to quickly write workouts, record test sets, and record video.


Workout Creation

With SwimOffice Pro, creating a workout is easy, seriously easy, and it's nice to be able to quickly pull up past sets that were well liked by the swimmers or made a difference in their training using the shopping cart functionality. This way I can build all new workouts in minutes.

Test Set Tracking

The test set tracker is a huge hit! The kids now love test sets, especially when they are able to see their average times and individual times immediately after practice.

When recording the test set you are able to assign lanes to each swimmer and have multiple swimmers in each lane. You, the coach, can decide how you will do the test set...nothing is pre-made. All you have to do is tap on the start button and say go and click on finish for each swimmer; it really is that simple. If a swimmer passes someone you just tap the arrow and the swimmer moves in front of the still calculates the time correctly at the finish. Amazing...this is a must see!



Once completed, reports allow you and the swimmer to see the data from each test set they have participated in. It's nice to see how they perform week to week or month to month. In reports you can see how much intensity you are doing for each swimmer and the ability to see what strokes or types of work you are doing during your practices. It is exciting to see swimmer progression as well as distances/ strokes/ workouts to improve upon.

- Sincerely,

Todd Hoffmeier
Aquatics Director / Head Age Group Coach
Greater Tampa Swim Association


Greater Tampa Swim Association Aquatics (GTSA) | Tampa, Florida

GTSA has a strong a history of being one of the finest competitive swim teams in Florida Swimming and has served the Tampa Bay area since 1957. They are a year-round swim program with variety of members, ranging from the entry-level to National Qualifiers. GTSA provides an outstanding swimming program which fosters the attributes of hard work, dedication, and determination in each of its swimmers. Encouraging the development of physical fitness, self-discipline and self-esteem enabling GTSA swimmers to maximize their potential, both athletically and personally.

SwimOffice Pro coaching tools is TeamUnify's workout management software and is available at a price of $399/year. It you would like to learn more about the benefits of SwimOffice Pro and how it is revolutionizing coaching visit


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