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Seven Things That Every Swimmer Fears on Race Day

By J.P. Mortenson, Swimming World Magazine, 01/29/19, 12:00PM CST


Despite practicing literally hundreds of turns daily, no swimmer can claim that they have never mistimed or completely missed a turn during a big race at some point.

After months and sometimes even years of training for what will hopefully be the fastest swimming of your life, race day has finally arrived. Race day is a nerve-wracking time for swimmers, as they are forced to perform and see the results of their grueling work, whether good or bad. However, sometimes the unexpected happens – the very things that every swimmer fears will go wrong on race day actually go wrong.

1. Missing your race

At every swim meet, you will hear the officials announce: “Lane four! Last call for lane four!” Normally hearing this is not a big deal, except for when you are supposed to be in lane four. But instead, you are sitting with your teammates. On the other side of the pool.